GC Ep21: Manuel Barrueco Interview

Manuel Barrueco is a living legend of the classical guitar. For the past three decades has been at the forefront of classical guitar performance touring, recording, commissioning works and transcribing music for the guitar. He has also mentored a number of highly successful young guitar talents where he teaches at Peabody Institute in Baltimore.  …

GC 20: Interview with Duo Vela with Daniel and Marla Nistico

My guests today are a husband and wife duo Daniel and Marla Nistico. They form a flute and guitar duo called Duo Vela.

Duo Vela performs enchanting music from across the seas, giving audiences a taste of the sounds, rhythms and cultures of different lands. Formed in 2014, the duo has brought their exciting programs to venues in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and China.